Can You Retarget On The App-Store?

The answer to this question is simple. You can’t. However, as the Tourego team demonstrated, there is an elegant way-around to do retargeting on app-store pages that is allowed, easy and efficient. With app developers to help you every step of the way, you can improve your sales and revenue significantly with the help of mobile apps sydney.

The Company

Tourego is a Singaporean app that allows its users to easily apply for tourist refunds in an efficient and secure manner without paper refund tickets. Tourego takes a percentage of the total refunds that a user collects at the airport before the user departs for their home destination.

There has been a consistent growth in the Singapore tourism scene (4% growth in Q1 2017) and a ton of tourists come into Singapore predominantly for shopping!

The Tourego team knew that they would have to advertise in order to reach this audience. However, they were unsure on how to target users that were planning an upcoming trip to Singapore in the near future so that these users could download the app before the landed in Singapore and take advantage of the tourist refunds!

The Problem

To dive a little deeper, the biggest struggle that the Tourego team was dealing with, which is not uncommon, was not being able to capture or retarget any of the users that they were sending to the app store.

Additionally, trying to build an audience that is as specific as the one that Tourego was targeting can be time consuming and expensive – a luxury not readily available in the startup world. They needed a method that was more intuitive, real-time and easy to use.

The Solution

With Link Retargeting, Tourego was able to eliminate the first problem they were facing of not being able to retarget users on their app store page by retargeting everyone that clicked on their links directing them to the app store.

Link retargeting not only helped them broaden their audience, but also be creative about how they built their audience.

The Tourego team shared interesting third-party articles about Singapore such as the hawker centres in Singapore that have won Michelin stars and casino reviews. This type of content was highly relevant to tourists coming in to Singapore and hence, got a lot of clicks and engagement. This is how Tourego was able to build an audience of tourists that were planning on coming to Singapore soon for the purposes of exploring and shopping in the city. All the users that clicked on the shortened link were automatically added to Tourego’s retargeting audience. 

Lastly, Tourego also added retargeting links into their Google search ads. They promoted third-party content over self-promotional ads. The content was focused on tourists and tourist activities. Every user that clicked on their ad was tagged and automatically added to Tourego’s retargeting audience.

They were able to tag 26,265 unique users within a span of four months!

The Results

Every user that clicked on the links saw Tourego’s ads in high authority sites including Fast Company, CNN, Forbes, Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

The Tourego team displayed 19,198 ads and directed 376 people over to the Tourego landing page (80 users directly clicked on the ads and 296 users went to the Tourego website after clicking on one of their short links but did not click on an ad). They had 91 users download the app – which is a 24% conversion rate!

Retarget your app-store users with link retargeting today!

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