3 Ways To Up Your Facebook Advertising Game With RetargetLinks

Did you know that 3 million businesses actively advertise on Facebook? More importantly, 65 million businesses have a Facebook business page. It is clear that Facebook is an important part of a business’ advertising strategy – including yours. However, a ton of businesses struggle with increasing their Facebook conversion rates.

So, how do you leverage your Facebook traffic to the max and get more than just a website visit? How do you continue engaging with your Facebook referral traffic and encourage conversions?

Don’t worry – we don’t intend to just leave you with questions. We have answers!

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Here is how RetargetLinks can transform your Facebook advertising game to a whole new level:


1) Retarget people that are actually interested in your product

When you build a Facebook audience from your website visitors, you are targeting everyone that visits your site – whether they are interested in your products or not. Let’s say a 100 people clicked on a Facebook post and visited a page on your site. 60% of them were genuinely interested in that content. That’s 40 people that will see your targeted ads but are not interested in your brand or your products. Why waste 40% of your traffic?

If only there was a way to build an audience based on the content people click on…

BAM! Enter RetargetLinks (yes, we had to make it dramatic).


Build custom audiences with RetargetLinks

When you create a Facebook post or an ad, and use a custom RetargetLinks URL, you can build a custom Facebook audience based on the content that the URL relates to. For example, let’s say you put out a Facebook post about maintaining curly hair. Presumably, most people that would be interested in your post would have curly hair! By adding a custom RetargetLinks URL to your post, you can not only build a custom audience of people that are interested in your content, you can build a list of people that have curly hair and are interested in your brand and products related to curly hair! 

Now, that’s segmentation!

Bonus benefit: In order to build the above custom audience, you need to spend 0 dollars. While usually you would need to run Facebook ads to build a custom audience (hence spend $$$), you can insert a RetargetLinks URL into any regular post on your page and start building your audience for free! Just make sure you have added your Facebook Pixel to your RetargetLinks account!

Super Bonus Benefit: Creating a custom RetargetLinks URL is also free!


2) Show Display banner ads to your Facebook audience

You spend time and effort building and tweaking your Facebook custom audience However, since there is no easy way to export a Facebook audience, outside of Facebook, this audience is useless.

Not anymore! With RetargetLinks, you can show your search engine banner ads to the exact same highly segmented audience – no Facebook hacking required!

Here is how it works: When you add the Facebook pixel to your RetargetLinks account, Facebook drops a cookie every time a user clicks on your custom URL. Every browser with the cookie gets added to the custom audience you built in your Facebook account. While this is happening, RetargetLinks also drops a RetargetLinks cookie on the browser, building a list within the program that you can show banner ads to! Sweet right? Now you can engage with your highly-targeted, custom Facebook audience via banner ads on major search engines like Google!

Up your Facebook advertising game with Link Retargeting
When a user clicks on your custom RetargetLinks URL on any social media post, you can retarget them through Facebook ads and through display ads on Google.


3) Retarget people that you send to third-party websites

One crucial rule of social media advertising is to follow the Rule of Thirds: ⅓ of your social content should talk about your brand, ⅓ of your content should promote your products and services and ⅓ of your content should be the latest news from industry leaders or business partners.

Does this mean that the ⅓ of content that you share from other businesses and partners is lost? Do you just wait for them to come back and engage with your brand? With RetargetLinks, you can take control and build a retargeting list even from the people that you send to third-party websites.

Yes – you heard that right. You just gained back 33% of your social referral traffic that you had no way of tracking before AND you built a custom audience with this traffic that you can advertise to. Talk about upping your Facebook advertising game to a whole new level – am I right?

Check out this example from Pampers:

How Pampers uses Link Retargeting to up their social media advertising
Step 1: Pampers wanted to share an article by the Parenting Magazine because they found the content to be useful for their customers. However, instead of just redirecting the customers to the Parenting Magazine site, they shortened the link using RetargetLinks so that they could build a retargeting list out of everyone that clicked on the link.
How Pampers uses Link Retargeting to show banner ads to their social audience
Step 2: The people who clicked on the link were added to a retargeting list in RetargetLinks and were shown banner ads on trustworthy sites like USA today. These ads were highly targeted for new parents that were interested in the article they had previously shared on Twitter!


In conclusion, with RetargetLinks, you get three amazing ways to up your Facebook advertising game (TL;DR):

  1. Retarget to a highly targeted audience that actually cares about your brand and your products
  2. Export this audience and display banner ads to them on Google (or other search engines) – this is currently not easily possible without RetargetLinks.
  3. Retarget to people that click on third party links through your Facebook profile and gain back a third of your traffic!

Welcome to advanced Retargeting!

Want a more detailed guide to Facebook advertising? Check out this extremely detailed guide by Oberlo (it is one of our favourites): The Definitive Guide to Facebook Advertising

Have questions? Email us at hello@retargetlinks.com and we would be happy to help! Ready to advance your retargeting game? Register for a free account here.