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Have you ever seen a link that looks particularly tailored to a company or business and thought, “How did they get that special link made just for them?!” If so, you were probably looking at a branded link.

Branded links are shortened links that can be customized to match a site or company, and they’re a great way to draw new people to your site and turn them into paying customers.

So, what is a branded link?

A branded link is simply a shortened link that helps infuse a little bit of the company into the link. Branded links are shorter than normal links — and exist as personalized, customized versions of a normal URL you would share online.

branded links
ESPN is a great example of a company who has created a custom shortlink to reflect the brand, as shown above.

You can create a shorter, branded link using a range of specialized link shorteners that exist online. Some of the most popular link shorteners, both branded and non-branded, include sites like Bit.ly, Branch.io and Clkim.

Why are branded links important?

You may be thinking — is it even worth it to spend time infusing branding into my links? Don’t people just click on your link quickly and then go spend time on your page? In reality, branded links are important and can help you more easily build your brand.

First, branded links help make the content you share online stronger and more cohesive. Putting well-executed content out into the world is a great way to build your profile as a knowledgeable, valuable thought leader and convince more people to become your customers.

Next, branded links are easily readable and they clue people in to what your content is about right away. This not only draws a large crowd to your content – but also the RIGHT crowd, which can help you generate better-qualified leads.

Finally, branded links show that your company is tech-savvy and aware of what Internet users like. This can generally help improve your reputation and encourage people to recommend your brand via worth of mouth.

Using branded retargeting links

One good place to use branded, shortened links is in your retargeting links. Retargeting links are the links you’ve created in your RetargetLinks dashboard to help share content and “cookie” users who are interested in the content you share.  This then allows you to show targeted ads as they continue to browse the web. Ensuring that your brand stays top of mind encourages these visitors to investigate more and ultimately become your customer.

When you create a retargeting link with your brand in it, you replace the “re.tc” domain with your branding. (See the es.pn example shown above). People are clued in to what they’re about to see. They also know that the content they’re about to see is valuable.

The best part is that you will still “cookie” the people clicking the link because the retargeting functionality is preserved within the additional link shortener.

bit.ly branded links
As an example, we’ve turned our blog link into a bit.ly link. Because many people recognize bit.ly as a link shortener, they will click on the link. The same is true for the es.pn/app example shared above.

You may be worried that a branded retargeting link might tip off a reader that they’re being advertised to and discourage them from clicking on the link. Fear not! You can easily tailor your retargeting links to better reflect something general or desirable for your brand. You can even use a standard short link (like bit.ly) so that they will be encouraged to investigate further to see what you have to offer.

Here are the steps to turn your retargeting links into branded links (free service)

Ultimately, adding your brand to your retargeting links is not necessary to helping you build your brand exposure . It is an added bonus to really give your brand a memorable experience for your readers. By doing so, you’ll make it easy for your leads to click, read and then buy.

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