How Martech used Link Retargeting to Sell Out Their Conference

The Challenge that Third Door Media Faced

They were three months away from the Martech conference and Third Door Media was looking for a way to hit the home run for their clients and sell out the conference for the year. They were not terribly far behind but with their current marketing plan to reach this goal, they would have needed more time – a luxury they did not have.

When Third Door Media started using implementing Link Retargeting for the Martech Conference, they were looking to solve one key obstacle:

How could they leverage and segment users based on the marketing content that they had produced? Martech owns multiple domains where they publish valuable content and they wanted a quick and easy way to leverage and retarget all the users that were reading this content.


The Solution

Uniting all domains and creating one retargeting audience with Link Retargeting

Third Door Media converted all of the links that Martech was sharing and had published on their multiple domains (, and  into retargeting links. They then shared these via all of their media channels (predominantly email).

What was interesting about Martech was that they they had the followers, they had the content and they had the awareness – what they needed was a way to convert users leveraging these three assets. This is exactly what Link Retargeting helped them achieve.

1) Every link that was shared via social media or in the Martech newsletters was now a powerful tool to build highly segmented retargeting audiences for the Martech Conference. With organic methods (no paid strategies) alone, Third Door Media was able to tag 24,709 marketers that would be keen on potentially buying a ticket for the Martech conference. It is important to note here that Martech has a strong brand presence and has the ability to reach a lot of their target audience organically.

Don’t have a funnel yet and looking to gain more brand awareness? Check out this case study from WineAlign on how they grew their marketing funnel with RetargetLinks. We would also recommend checking out this helpdesk article – I want more link clicks: What do I do?


2) They then targeted all of these users with ads for the Martech Conference. The ads had a clear call-to-action to ‘View the Agenda’ and navigated them to a landing page with the full agenda of the marketing conference.


The Results

Martech received 24,709 clicks on their custom short links and displayed 46,871 ads. They had a 0.52% click-through-rate (5 times the industry average) and 360 landings on their landing page (people that landed on the page without clicking on an ad).

94 people bought a ticket to the Martech Conference and with that, Martech achieved a 26% conversion rate, $141,000 in revenues and 376X ROI!!


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