An Amazon Store That Achieved 11X ROI? The Tend Skin Story

The Challenge that Tend Skin Faced

Tend Skin is a small brand that sells after-shave lotion for women. They predominantly sell through Amazon and have been built their brand on the platform. When Tend Skin started using Link Retargeting, they were looking to solve two main problems:

  1. Only a small proportion of people that they were sending to their Amazon store were converting. Since their product is very niche, they were looking for a way to pre-segment users and send the right target market to the Amazon store.
  2. They were sending users to their Amazon store but had no way to retarget users that did not end up purchasing. They wanted to reach the users that they were losing after the first touch point.

The Solution

Pre-segmenting users and sending the right target market to the Amazon store

Tend Skin was running a Google Adwords Search campaign to promote their product. However, they were not getting a lot of clicks on their ads. In order to attract more people, Tend Skin switched their self promotional ads into content-based ads. This was a super cool way to get to the top of the Google search results page while providing their users with content that they love to read!

Tend Skin chose three third-party articles:

  1. An article from As Is called “17 Underrated Products For Hairy Women That Actually Work”. Not only was it from a reputed and popular source, they were featured as the fourth underrated product on the list.
  2. An article from Buzzfeed US called “7 Gross But Satisfying Products That Will Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair”.  Again, popular and reputed source with them being the first featured product!
  3. The last article was from Cosmopolitan called “7 ways to get rid of ingrown hairs for good”. While they were not featured in this article, this was undoubtedly one of the most popular sources for their target market and was definitely something they would pay attention to.

Tend Skin then converted each third-party link into a retargeting link and added it to their Google search campaign. They ran each ad and here are the results:

Now, not only did they have a brand new audience of 7,292 people that they could target with retargeting ads, this audience was also pre-segmented and was interested in products for in-grown hair.

Here are the results from their awareness campaign:

They had a click-through rate that was 50% higher than the industry average, clicks that were at least 3X more than their regular search campaigns and a cost-per-click that was 40% less than before!


Retargeting on Amazon and improving conversions

While Tend Skin had a website, this was not their primary source of sales. They wanted to send people over to the Amazon store where they had credibility. However, they had no way of reaching out and retargeting the users that did not buy in the first go.

In order to retarget users that were visiting the Amazon store, Tend Skin converted their Amazon store URL to a retargeting link. Now, every time they shared the link to their store, they were automatically adding every user that clicks on the link to their retargeting audience.

They shared these links in their email marketing blasts, through social media and through all of their other media channels- tagging a whopping 196,890 people for their retargeting campaign.


The Results

Every user that had clicked on Tendskin’s links and was part of their retargeting audience was able to see ads such as the ones below. They appeared in high authority sites including Forbes, CNN, Fast Company, Vogue and Cosmopolitan.


Their click-through rate (0.37%) was 3X the industry average, they had a 19% conversion rate at a pretty modest cost of $6000. Why we say that’s modest? Because Tend Skin made $71,600 in revenues!

This was a 11X ROI!


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