A Wine Company Crushing the Retargeting Game

Bryan McCaw, the Head Wineaux and President at WineAlign has had a strong focus on going digital. He runs a successful, free, online service that provides Ontarians a guided wine map through the province. His model is freemium to a premium subscription that gives users immediate access to the latest scores and reviews, top recommendations in the Vintage Buyers’ guides and other such perks that would definitely entice a wine lover.

The problem that Wine Align was facing? Low conversions.

They needed people in Ontario to not only know about the service, but they also needed more users to sign up for a free subscription.

Wine Align integrated RetargetLinks into their marketing strategy earlier this year and experienced a commendable 233% increase in their click-through rate, massively increased brand awareness, attracted more site traffic and boosting online subscriptions. Supriya, our marketing manager, sat down with Bryan to understand how RetargetLinks helped him in achieving his goals.


3 Questions with Bryan McCaw


Supriya: Could you tell us a little bit about how RetargetLinks fits into your marketing strategy?

Bryan: We were previously advertising on Facebook and via Google Adwords but we were not retargeting any of those users. RetargetLinks was the most effective way to form a retargeting list out of our current efforts and has become the core of our advertising strategy. We add in the shortlinks as the ad click-through destination in our Facebook and Adwords ads. This way we are able to retarget every single user that clicks on our ads. It really helps to stay on top-of-mind via retargeting and the repeat exposure does help increase conversion. It has been, by far, the most effective way to spend advertising dollars!


Supriya: What do you do to maximize link clicks in your campaigns? 

Bryan: I think the most effective strategy on increasing clicks on our shortlinks has been the ability to add in a vanity (branded) URL for free. We use the shortlink in all of our marketing efforts, specifically our social media channels and our newsletter that yields us 5000-6000 link clicks alone. When users see the branded shortlink, it increases trust and click-through rates are considerably higher.


Supriya: What are the three of the most significant changes you have seen from implementing RetargetLinks as a solution?


  1. Our click-through-rates are definitely higher (233% higher to be exact) since everyone that lands on the retargeting ads is highly qualified
  2. We are able to retarget our Facebook ad audience with display ads – which we were never able to do before.
  3. We are able to show our ads on legitimate websites (Forbes, CNN etc) which has been the key differentiator. This is definitely something we could not have achieved ourselves.

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