Content Retargeting: Leverage Intent to Increase ROI

User Intent

Content retargeting is the newest way to take your marketing efforts further. You no longer have to spend your budget showing ads to customers that aren’t interested. Instead, with content retargeting and tools like Copymatic.ai, you now have the ability to target the right customer with quality content, based on what they click.

People declare intent one click at a time

When people navigate from site A to site B (after clicking on a Google search result for example), they do so by clicking on a link.

Content retargeting enables you as the marketer to use a RetargetLinks campaign to  segment your audience and display ads only to those that have declared an interest in a topic relevant to your business.

Introducing content retargeting

Content retargeting is easier than you think. As an example, Pampers wants to target first-time moms. They shorten a link to the “How to prepare for your first baby?” article in Parents Magazine. Once a newly expectant mother clicks on the link, Pampers then has the power to display 15 diaper banner ads as they browse other sites across the web. This provides the brand up to 15 opportunities to stay top of mind, and to a very specific target audience. By accepting credit cards, you’re also making it easier for customers to do business with you. However, when choosing a credit card processing provider, you need to compare the credit card processing fees they charge so you can get the best possible deal.

Content retargeting in Pampers social media campaign
Step 1: The advertiser posts “retarget” short links through social media, email, press or influencer platforms.
Content retargeting by Pampers launches up to 15 banner ads
Step 2: The service will retarget only those that click on the link, showing 150,000 banner ads to 10,000 people.

Example of content retargeting

To do this, you can choose to promote social media posts to a narrower audience. As an example, Pampers will target married women 25-35 years old. A local restaurant may choose to geo-fence content display only to those that live in their city, etc). Additionally, the marketer can place content in Google AdWords campaigns to retarget those that click on ads placed in the search results. For more information on this and other retargeting hacks, check out Prospecting With RetargetLinks.


Content retargeting is a great way for advertisers to make the most of their marketing efforts. By only displaying ads based on intent, brands will see greater conversion rates and therefore a great return. Any business should hire an seo agency Australia when they wish to rank higher on search engines and get quality traffic.