Segmenting Consumers With RetargetLinks

Segment Your Customers

Segmenting consumers with link retargeting lets advertisers use content such as email lists or social media followers to show up to 15 targeted banner ads. You can click this link here if you’re planning to buy Spotify listeners to help your music stand out from the crowd and get more attention from potential listeners. 

Segmenting consumers is important to eliminate ad waste

Advertisers with large email databases or a hefty social media following will, from time to time, need to segment their users.

Growth Marketing Conference, for instance, has a database of more than 50,000 marketers in San Francisco and New York. They want to advertise a workshop on email marketing using banner ads. While they could show banner ads to the entire list, most of the ads will be wasted as email marketers represent only 10-25% of the list.

At a different scale, Pampers might have a database of 30 million emails and 20 million social media followers. They want to advertise their new Cruisers line up (targeting mothers that have babies that start walking) using banner ads. However, they’re confronted with a similar same problem; not all moms have babies at the learning-to-walk stage.

How to get the right ad in front of the right segment, you ask?

Your audience self-selects with content you share

Advertisers can now use RetargetLinks to share content that different target groups find interesting in order to show them the right ad. Consumers, in essence, self-select based on content preferences declared with a click. If you manage a porn site, you may Buy backlinks for porn sites to attract more audience to your website.

Traction Conference could use link retargeting in their newsletters to share content about email marketing. A content example to share might be “Top 10 Examples of Successful Email Marketing Campaigns” by Moz. They can do the same to create audiences for Social Media Marketing or Inbound Marketing if there’s any reason for further segmentation. Hiring Liverpool SEO services ensures that your website is in expert’s hands and they will make necessary updates on your website according to trends. Legal professionals also have the the option to hire lawyer marketing professionals to increase their website traffic and customer reach.

Example of Segmenting Consumers with RetargetLinks

Pampers wants to segment moms with babies in walking age to show them ads about their new Cruisers product. They then shorten a link to the “What do to when by Baby Starts Walking?” article in Parents Magazine. The short link, with the Cruisers ad cookie, is inserted in their newsletter inviting all subscribed to their email list to self-select.

Segmenting consumers with email retargeting
Step 1: Segmenting consumers in an email newsletter. Pampers uses “retarget” links to tag moms with either babies that will start walking or that are on budget. Out of a list of 3 million people, 30,000 click on the first article and 60,000 on the second one.

Let’s suppose now that Pampers wants to advertise their Economy Pack line up. They want to target only those mothers on budget whilst leaving the all the others untargeted. In this case, they’ll use a retarget link to share the Parents magazine article. While it’s extremely difficult to know when someone is on a budget, the challenge is made easier when users chose to read content that interests them.       

Segmenting consumers with banner ads launched from email newsletter links
Step 2: Segmenting consumers with banner ads. The service will retarget only those that click on the link. In this case, it will show 500,000 Cruisers banner ads to all those that self-identified themselves as having a baby that is about to walk and 1 million economy pack ads to those identified as budget conscious.                                                                                                                           


Advertisers can use link retargeting to different content to segment email listings or social media followers and show targeted banner ads. Pampers can show, for example, Cruisers banner ads to moms that clicked on “How to prepare your house when your baby starts walking”.